Primary Health Technology Working Group
Technology & Specification White Papers

For general information about The Primary Health Solution, see our product pages. More detailed information about specific technologies and protocols used in Primary Health can be found in the white-papers. These documents are maintained by the technology working groups concerned.

  1. Primary Health - Technology Outline. An outline specification of the Primary Health Solution, including the interaction between the various parts of the system and an explanation of the general concepts behind the design.
  2. Primary Health Modular Forms Engine - Technology Outline. An outline specification specifically concerned with the Primary Health Modular Forms Engine (PHForms). This includes a discussion of the client/server forms interface.
  3. PHForms Module Interface Specification - Specific discussion and Module Programming Interface (MPI) specification for the PHForms interface.
  4. Primary Health Security Overview. This white-paper discusses the various security problems faced by Primary Health, and the steps we have taken to solve them. Includes a discussion of the various security technologies used by Primary Health and why they were chosen.
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