Primary Health Technical Support

We are currently building a comprehensive web-based database of support documents, frequently asked questions, tips, and other related information. This will be available here soon.

Until then, please contact our technical support personnel on 08700 621 578* and they will be happy to help you with any Primary Health related problem or technical query.

Alternatively see our contact us page for email details.

Forms Server shutdown requests

Please note that technical support will not provide shutdown codes for the Primary Health Local Forms Server unless they are convinced it is required. Shutting down the LFS causes Primary Health Clinician to stop working until the computer is restarted and is protected by a constantly-changing challenge/handshake authentication code system.

We will of course provide a shutdown code when a computer is being maintained or a bug is being traced in another software package or device driver, although our engineers would usually handle such maintainence anyway.

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